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Welcome New Activists!!

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1 Welcome New Activists!! on Fri Oct 14, 2016 3:52 pm

Welcome to Educational Justice Activists!

Becoming an Educational Justice Activist is a huge accomplishment. You have been carefully selected as a top high school student and role model to help improve the education of our city’s underserved students in grades 5-8. For one hour each week, you must dedicate yourself in providing them with educational support, and do your best to help them meet their academic goals.

As an Activist, you will have a great influence on a local student’s life. This student is called your Achiever. Your job is to replicate your academic success in them-- teach them your tips and tricks! Your Achiever may need help with a variety of things such as organization, test taking strategies, or academic content. Keep in mind that up until this point, they have most likely not gotten adequate help and may be one or more grade levels behind on their work. These students will require additional instruction and patience. You may need to put in some extra hours, but it is worth it in the end to see them succeed!

You and your Achiever should develop a close relationship that extends beyond tutoring. While you may only meet once or twice a week, you should get to know them, and be able to give them advice about things beyond academics. Go into each session with a positive attitude, even if you’ve had a bad day. Sometimes, just talking to your achiever can make you feel better! It’s important to get work done, but don’t be afraid to ask about their day, or have some fun conversation.

We hope you enjoy your experience as an Educational Justice Activist!

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