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Welcome all new and returning Educational Justice Activists!

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Welcome everybody! We're so happy to have you join us our own new forum - this is place for you to ask questions for us, share resources amongst yourselves, and engage in new conversations! I'll start us off with a few questions so you can get to know each other a little better:

1. What is your name, school, grade-level, and favorite food?

2. What song best describes you and your life?

3. Are you a new, or returning Activist?

4. What do you hope to accomplish this year with your Achiever?

5. What are your top 5 things to do outside of school?

6. What is something a lot of people don't know about you?

7. And what is something a lot of people do know about you?

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2 Claire Milliken on Fri Oct 14, 2016 3:42 pm

1) My name is Claire Milliken and I am a sophomore at duPont Manual High School. My favorite food is fruit.

2) My life is pretty hectic so I really don't know a good song to describe it. All I know is that it would be upbeat and fast because I'm a happy and very high energy person.

3) I am a returning Activist.

4) This year, I hope to help Justin (my achiever) earn more distinguished scores on his standardized tests. Since Justin is in eighth grade, I also hope to possibly help him with his application to YPAS.

5) My top 5 favorite things to do outside of school are hanging out with my friends, exploring, running cross country, traveling, and possibly watching Netflix??? I only really like doing that when I'm tired.

6) A lot of people don't know that I have 3 sisters! Most people just know about my twin sister.

7) Everyone that knows me knows that I am in the Math, Science, & Technology (MST) Magnet at Manual. I would say that math is one of my strongest subjects.

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1.) My name is Charlotte Milliken, I'm a sophomore at duPont Manual High School, and my favorite food is grilled cheese.
2.) I can't really think of a song that describes me or my life! I listen to a lot of music, so it would be hard to pick just one song!
3.) I'm a returning Activist.
4.) I want to help Sharia, my achiever, stay organized. I also want to help her improve her studying methods, so she can have more confidence in her test taking capabilities.
5.) When I'm not in school, I like to go on long runs, draw, and watch Netflix. I also love traveling during the summer, and taking pictures of cool things I find!
6.) A lot of people don't know that I'm into art. I'm considering going into a career involving animation or just film in general.
7.) Everyone knows that I don't get enough sleep because I'm pretty sure I complain about it a lot!

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1. My name is Mary Doan, I'm a senior at Moore High School, and my favorite food is sushi.

2. I can't really think of a particular song that describes me and my life as a whole. I listen to many different types of songs, but I often jam to house music Smile

3. I'm a new Activist.

4. I hope to enrich Jovanna's (my achiever) math skills and test-taking skills in preparation for the ACT and SAT. Math is her main subject that she needs to be tutored on, but I hope to improve her reading skills as well.

5. Outside of school, I like to workout, watch shows/movies, do yoga/meditation, hang out with my friends, and eat out at many different places.

6. A lot of people don't know that I invest my time into nurturing my spirituality. I like to isolate myself from external forces and just be still as I'm aware of my surroundings...sounds boring but it feels good Smile I'd suggest you guys find some time to meditate.

7. A lot of people know that I get scared friends like to scare me ~10 times a day and I fall for it every time...

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1. I am Joseph Gentry from Eastern High School. My favorite food is a tie with pasta and kabobs.
2. I'd say my favorite song right now is Pursue by Hillsong Young and Free. It more describes my life as I hope it will become.
3. I'm a new Activist.
4. My main goals are to work on Casey's reading comprehension and love for learning. He really is a smart kid but is shy and doesn't have confidence in his own skills so I hope to instill confidence in him as well.
5. When I am not working on school I love to go on runs, hang out with friends (running or biking on trails), read fantasy from J.R.R. Tolkien and Brandon Sanderson, watch the Flash on Netflix, and read about random things online from chemistry to training to colleges.
6. Many people don't know that I love to listen to soundtracks. I like to listen to music without lyrics and understand how it is written. It's fascinating to me how musicians write flowing music so well even though I could never do it myself.
7. A lot of people know that I ran a marathon in April this year. I came up with a training plan and trained myself for 6 months to run 26.2 miles in three hours and thirty-seven minutes.

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