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1 Welcome Letter on Fri Oct 21, 2016 4:08 pm


Congratulations on becoming a part of Educational Justice! This is a tremendous achievement, as only top tier students are selected for the program. Your goal as an Activist is to personally help reduce educational inequity throughout our city by tutoring a struggling student in middle school (your Achiever) for an hour or more each week. Although this may seem a daunting task, if you consistently work hard and keep focus, you will notice a significant improvement in your Achiever’s capabilities.

Three of the most important values you can have as an activist are patience, drive, and being able to communicate. Occasionally when working with your Achiever, you will find that they struggle with a topic, even if you explain it multiple times. Don’t get discouraged; your Achiever is no doubt every bit as frustrated as you are. Instead, take a step back and try it from a different perspective. If you stay optimistic and keep trying new things, you’re sure to find a method that clicks! You may also have days where you’re struggling to keep focused. Maybe you had to pull an all nighter the night before, or failed a test, or simply had a bad day. Whatever the case, don’t let your attitude affect your session with your Achiever. The amount of time you have together each week is very short, and incredibly valuable. It is important to remember to come with a positive attitude, and stay engaged. If you’re driven to keep working the whole session, your Achiever will be inspired to work hard, too.

Communication is arguably the most important aspect of your relationship with your Achiever. Listen to the input that they give you during your sessions, and use it to form the most advantageous strategy for success. If you notice them struggling with a concept, encourage them to ask questions. It’s also a great idea to contact them after sessions with the messaging system for additional help! They will no doubt appreciate how hard you are working to help them succeed. Most important of all, don’t be afraid to make some small talk! Ask them about their day, or crack some jokes every now and then. Your bond with your Achiever should extend beyond tutor and student. After all, you are making a huge impact on their future.

We hope you have a great time participating in the Educational Justice program!

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